Functions & Duties Of the Board

  • (i) The management of Government land and maintenance of land record.
  • (ii) Transfer/Mutation of properties.
  • (iii) Welfare of Military & Civil population.
  • (iv) Sanitation & Hygiene.
  • (v) Street Lights.
  • (vi) Public Health.
  • (vii) Civil Defence Liaisoning
  • (viii)Drinking water supply.
  • (ix) Monitoring of trade.
  • (x) Roads.
  • (xi) Education.
  • (xii) Maintenance of Cremation Grounds
  • (xiii) Registration of Births & Deaths and Marriage registration
  • (xiv) Town planning.
  • (xv) Group housing & shops.
  • (xvi) Maintenance and running community hall.

Power to manage property

A [Board] may, subject to any conditions imposed by the Central Government, manage any property entrusted to its management by the Central Government on such terms as to the sharing of rents and profits accruing from such property as may be determined by rule made under section 280.

Discretionary functions of Board

A Board may, within the cantonment, make provision for :

(i) Laying out in areas, whether previously built upon or not, new streets, and acquiring land for that purpose and for the construction of buildings, and compounds of buildings, to abut on such streets

(ii) Reclaiming unhealthy localities

(iii) Furthering educational objects by measures other than the establishment and maintenance of primary schools