Recreation Facilities

Ahmednagar Environment & Gardens :

Ahmednagar Park & Gardens : To maintain eco balance, the sanitary section is carrying massive tree plantation programmes every year and maintaining gardens. There are three nos of gardens for public recreation and health maintained by the sanitary staff.

1.Gautam Budhha Smruti Van (Jogging Park): Gautam Budha Smruti Van (Jogging Park) is a large garden where is a lot of greenery available. Most people not only from Cantt. area but also at large from neighboring city comes to Jogging Park.

Main Salient feature of Garden is as Follows:

  • Jogging Track with red soil having length of One Kilometer.
  • Lot of greenery and ornamental plant
  • Seating arrangement with shed alongwith track
  • Lot of playing equipments for children
  • Eco-friendly & Pollution free Climate
  • Beautiful Entry gates and Warali art at entrance wall
  • Sufficient Lighting
  • Lot of Space for parking
  • Gymnastic instruments especially for Sr. Citizens.
  • Beautiful and attractive Flex Boards with Good Thoughts
  • Mile Stones along with Jogging Track