Revenue & Tax

Revenue Branch

1.Maintaining of CPT and water register, Assessment of Properties, Service Charges, Miscellaneous register, Trade license register, parking fee register & Lease rent register.

2.Prepare for Consolidated Property tax, Water fees, shop rent & Lease rent bill and their recovery.

3.Issue of Trade license to Shopkeepers/Traders.

4.Basic tax assignment from State Govt. of Maharashtra,  Vehicle Entry tax.

5.Booking of Community hall (Click here)

1) Mahatma Phule Chaitanya Mangal karyalaya   2) Cantonment Lawn


Property Tax Calculations

Property Tax is levyed @ 20% of the ARV.

ARV is ascertained by following the below procedure.

• ARV assessed and revised on the basis of information received in notice under Section 116 of the Cantonments Act, 2006.
• The information received under section 116 is verified by physical site inspection.
• After due verification and satisfaction notice under section 76 is issued showing the proposed tax and HOR/Tenant is given opportunity to submit their objection in writing within 30 days.
• A date is conveyed to the HOR/Tenant to meet the CEO and explain the objection by himself or his authorised agent.
• After disposal of all such objections received and revision of Assessment list is finalized.
• The ARV of already assessed properties are revised by certain per cent as decided by the CEO. ( E.g. Previous ARV = Rs. 2000 add 10 % = Rs.2200 new ARV and Property Tax = 2200 x 20 % = Rs.440)
• Final assessment list is prepared and authenticated under the signatures of CEO and PCB.
• The Calculation of ARV for the newly constructed properties is as follows :
• Land Value + Cost of Construction / 20 = ARV